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VKCL Version 3.11

18th June 2015


Ver, 3.11 of VKCL is the latest version for all contests at this time.


John Moyle Field Day

The rules for the John Moyle Field Day have not changed but to help the contest manager a couple of changes have been made in this version of VKCL as follows:

  1. The logs for single operator stations were output chronologically, whereas logs for multi-operator stations were output by band. Now all logs are output by band, although the contacts sequence numbering remains continuous for single operator stations.
  2. Many people still send the wrong file to the contest manager. To increase the probability of correct file being sent, the log output file is now named "<callsign>_LogToSubmit.TXT".

Please update your copy of VKCL to create a log that is easier for the contest manager to process. Submit only the text log identified above, without converting it to a Word or PDF documents.


A slash-0 font is now available which differentiates letter-O and digit-0 more unambiguously.


The installation process for Version 3 is identical to the previous version. The new version installs into a different folder, C:\VKCL3 by default, and a shortcut labeled VKCL3 will appear on your desktop. The two versions can co-exist in the same computer, and if necessary, run at the same time without interference to each other.

The help files for Version 3 are still a work in progress, but the operation of the new version is very similar to the previous version, except that it is no longer limited to a fixed size and does provide a few additional auxiliary windows that can be used during the contest. Their intent and use was described on the Preview and Beta and Beta 1 pages. It may be worth perusing those pages if you have not seen them before. The help files even though not updated at this time are still included as most of the information in them is still relevant. Additional pages has been prepared describing the logging of portable stations and the contents of the worked station list display. These pages will be moved to the help files eventually.

After several requests, a very simple "station log" has been implemented in VKCL. The page here describes what is implemented and how it works.

As always, please report any problems in installation or use of VKCL.


Download VKCL Version 3.11 as an .exe or as a .zip file. Check for viruses (unzip if necessary), and run the file to start the installation.

NOTE: There is a small change in database for this version, so please create a new empty folder for this contest. DO NOT use any existing empty database.



Please email comments, suggestions, and problems to

(The email address is an image file to prevent harvesting of email addresses - sorry for any inconvenience.)

(Your default email agent already addressed may be launched from the VKCL About page.)

(You can check for new versions of VKCL from there too.)




Contests omitted from VKCL Version 3:

  1. National Field Day -This is not really a contest and I have never seen any reference to any results from the previous couple of years. It also requires a lot of special handling, as it includes bands and modes not used in any other contest.
  2. Westlake Cup: The last copy of the rules I have is for 2006, and I have not been able to find any newer rules or any reference to any results or intention to hold the contest again.
  3. Athol Johnson Memorial contest in Tasmania: As with the previous contest, no reference to any new rules since 2008 or any intention to hold the contest again.

If I am wrong in any of the above, I would appreciate receiving information from the contest managers about their intentions for the future.


Page last updated on 18/ 2/2015



This remains the latest version for all contests, particularly for single operator stations.


This version supports all implemented contests. There is no need to use the previous Ver 2.xx for any supported contest, and the old web site has been closed.


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